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Full Version: [FIXED] Current problems with ModEnc
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As most of you may have noticed, ModEnc currently seems to have some problems ending in "infinite loop" error messages.
I have traced this down to a bug in the rewrite-engine, probably introduced by a PHP-upgrade by the host.

ModEnc is still fully functional, just not as automagically as usual.

URLs like do not work, while URLs like do work.

We're trying to get rid of this problem asap.
Problem solved.

Cause: 'Pretty' URLs ("## If using PHP as a CGI module, use the ugly URLs" - According to the documentation, they are incompatible with running PHP as CGI module, which is exactly what the host is doing. Eww. )
Solution: .htaccess voodoo (now it transparently overwrites all 'pretty' URLs with 'ugly' ones). You can now use both 'pretty' and 'ugly' URLs properly.

I believe this gets around the CGI mess, but if you still experience errors, reply here and I will try to resolve it in a different way.


'Pretty' URL :
'Ugly' URL: