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NIPPLES AREOLA - Renegade - 15.12.2009

New Initiative Providing Pictures Letting Everyone See Ares Offers Lots of Awesomeness

Rumor has it sometime soon there'll be a public release of Ares. While there is, of course, no date, it's clear that, once there is a public release, we will need promotional material.

That's where you come into play.

If you're a tester or have otherwise obtained Ares, please provide the most awesome, breathtaking, shiniest screenshots of your use of Ares-extensions you can take, and post/attach them here.
Please also explicitly name which Ares-features are visible in those screenshots.

We will select the screenshots best usable as promotional material, add annotations, logos, etc. to them, provide them in our news post about the release and explicitly allow other sites to use them when reporting about Ares.

The name of the providing user as well as the name of his mod (if given) will be added to the screenshot - not as the biggest item, of course, since it's supposed to advertise Ares, but big enough that people will notice it. So if your screenshot is selected, there will be an additional amount of promotion for you and your project as well. So make it look good Wink
(The mentioning will likely be in the format of "This screenshot was kindly supplied by EvilRenegade, showing his mod Dark Dildos Invade The Earth -".)

Thank you all for your help, and feel free to show off now Eek

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Guest - 16.12.2009

I will do a video instead if i would get Ares xD picture the rippling effect of explosions everywhere xD

I thought doubt I will get it until public release since if i recall you want active members here :/
I will do a video instead if i would get Ares xD picture the rippling effect of explosions everywhere xD

I thought doubt I will get it until public release since if i recall you want active members here :/

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Professor_Tesla - 06.01.2010

The first one is here, attached to this post.

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - mt. - 06.01.2010

Very nice, a way to bring Ares more support. And of course this way, the ingame is brought closer to public view.

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Beowulf - 07.01.2010

(06.01.2010, 05:32:23)Professor_Tesla Wrote: The first one is here, attached to this post.
Holy shit that's awesome. XD

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Darkstorm - 09.01.2010

... zap ... I tried to do some screenies but my first attempt was a mess, I might try again but that is a big maybe.

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Renegade - 09.01.2010

Lift eyebrow care to elaborate on the "mess"?

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Darkstorm - 09.01.2010

May be my quick work of coding, add Spotlight to Grizzly tank, didn't work. New country "worked" but didn't start with units or had the flag or loadscreen. Mainly, I add these tags to magnetron, crashes whenever it builds:


... same as magnetron

... same as magneticbeam

;GEF can only grab units and terror drones

Again, I threw it together so I wasn't very cautious. I can upload the except if need be.

However I did get the Rad Beams to work, the alpha light worked somewhat but was terribly out of pallette, what pallette is alpha light displayed in? At any rate, I too this pic of rad beams:

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Professor_Tesla - 31.03.2010

I've got another one here. Doesn't look that spectacular though. Unhappy

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - WoRmINaToR - 03.04.2010

alright, got a screenie showing how you can spy production facilities to show what they are building.

It might be worth noting that I am also posting this up on my mod's news section at revora to show that I'm putting this in my mod...

EDIT: By request below, here you are:

"Picture provided by WoRmINaToR of his mod Yuri's Revenge: Chronostorm, at ."

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Renegade - 05.04.2010

Tesla, WoRmINaToR, Darkstorm, could you provide mod name &mod url your shots are from?

In general, you don't have to crop your shots, btw. Quite the opposite. It's easier to work with full shots for us.

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - Professor_Tesla - 06.04.2010

I don't really have a mod name. These screenshots are from the rules I use to test Ares features. The reason I crop my shots is that my screen resolution is 1680x1050.

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - WoRmINaToR - 06.04.2010

yeah, I crop my shots simply to squeeze them into the 500 KB posting limit for PNG attachments... if you know of a way to lift this limit or loosen it up Renegade... that'd be nice.

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - DCoder - 06.04.2010

Administrative Notice:

Image size limit has been upped to 2MB for gif, png, and jpg.

RE: NIPPLES AREOLA - WoRmINaToR - 10.04.2010

YAY! Big pics commin your way soon then Big Grin