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Launch Base Error - YR CD - Xenimme - 01.07.2012

I've just signed up because i'm having some trouble with launch base, it isn't letting me run yuri's revenge (from the first decade disc), it brings up an error saying the CD is not in the drive, despite the fact it is. I've tried running YR on its own, and it works, i've run it using Ares and it worked, but running it from launch base brings me said error, i would attach the log file but it doesn't seem to be letting me do so. I really hope i can get some help with this as i really want to get this mod i downloaded running too (MigEater's D-Day).

Thanks in advance,


RE: Launch Base Error - YR CD - Marshall - 03.07.2012

Weird. What happens if you use LB to launch RA2 or YR vanilla? Do they complain about the CD or does only the D-day mod complain?

RE: Launch Base Error - YR CD - Xenimme - 07.07.2012

Well LB not running YR vanilla is the problem, RA2 vanilla works fine, but YR complains about the disc. Also, on a slightly related note, it doesn't even recognise D-Day, but that might be more a case of not putting it in the correct directory.

RE: Launch Base Error - YR CD - Marshall - 08.07.2012

LB launching vanilla YR works fine for me - it asks for the CD if I haven't inserted it, accepts it when I do.
Strange that you can launch it 'naturally' ok but not via LB. This implies there is something funky about the way LB executes the program.
What version of Windows do you have? I'm trying on Win7 Ultimate 32-bit.

Did you run LB as Administrator?

RE: Launch Base Error - YR CD - Xenimme - 08.07.2012

I'm on Vista Home Premium, and yes I did run it as admin, but still no luck, thanks for the help thus far, by the way.

Edit: Turns out, after checking the program properties, RA2MD.exe was in compatibility mode for windows 2k for some reason. After changing that it works now, now I've just got to find out why it won't register this mod's existence now, but thanks for the help Marshall.

RE: Launch Base Error - YR CD - Graion Dilach - 08.07.2012

To get D-Dayworking, create a folder in Mods as D-Day, create a launcher, a syringe and video folder in it, put every file of it except the Ares into the video, put the Ares in syringe and create a new textfile called liblist.gam into your launcher folder with the following text:

Author=Mig Eater
Campaigns=Broken Campaigns

RE: Launch Base Error - YR CD - Xenimme - 09.07.2012

Well thankyou very much Graion, I had a feeling it would involve creating my own launcher, i'll get on that later.