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Contacting Dark Elf - Professor_Tesla - 15.08.2012

Does anybody know how I can contact Dark Elf? I need to ask him something about using his Tesla Commando .SHP in my mod (specifically, whether it would be okay to make some colour-changed copies of it and use those along with the original).

RE: Contacting Dark Elf - Starkku - 16.08.2012

People have been using recolored versions public assets in their mods for god knows how long. Whilst I suppose it would be polite to ask for a permission for it, I am inclined to say that it's also unnecessary. I think just simply crediting Dark Elf for the asset in question is enough in this case. I would be asking for a permission in the case you'd want to re-release an edited version of it to the public, not as part of a mod.

RE: Contacting Dark Elf - Professor_Tesla - 16.08.2012

Okay, thanks for the reply.