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Cooperation - Gluk-v48 - 04.10.2012

Hello, I and my team do mod, and we are interested in the development of Ares DLL. Among team members is a man who knows how to program in C + +. For our modifications required write about twenty new features and fix errors. Our programmer wants to write all of these features in Ares, but for this he needed help to understand the code and the compiler. I hope for your help in this matter.

RE: Cooperation - Graion Dilach - 04.10.2012

Send your programmer to join to, and we can help him... but this is a wild guess. has the basics tho.

Also wtf, 20 bugs/requests?!

RE: Cooperation - Gluk-v48 - 04.10.2012

Repository svn:// not work.

RE: Cooperation - DCoder - 04.10.2012

Like Graion said, getting on IRC would get you answers faster. Although the lack of downloadable aresbuilder should be fixed sometime...

RE: Cooperation - Graion Dilach - 04.10.2012

I fear I don't have the sources only a binary...

RE: Cooperation - Gluk-v48 - 04.10.2012

Graion Dilach, please give a link, at least binary.

RE: Cooperation - Graion Dilach - 04.10.2012

There ya go.

RE: Cooperation - Gluk-v48 - 05.10.2012

Thank you.

RE: Cooperation - pd - 08.10.2012

Just for the record, I needed to un-define some macros to get the std::min and std::max to compile:
#ifdef min
#undef min

#ifdef max
#undef max
Not sure why nobody else has this problem, but in my case MSVC++ found macros called "min" and "max" and replaced them with nothing. Obviously, that resulted in syntax errors.

I also had to add DbgHelp.lib to the linker for the stack dump functions.

Is there any up-to-date IDB floating around, btw?

RE: Cooperation - DCoder - 08.10.2012

pd: #define NOMINMAX to get rid of MSVC's bogus min/max . It's mentioned on the ModEnc page, just very subtly Smile Check your PM box for a link to the latest IDB I had.