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Bowing out - Marshall - 29.10.2012

Good evening everybody.

Most of you will have noticed my severe absence over the past many months. Some of you might not even have heard of me!

Clearly real life has taken over and I must stop kidding myself about the liklihood of my various projects getting released. So many amazing ideas started and never enough time to finish them.

As such I must officially recognise that I am not an active part of the C&C community any more. I'll still duck in from time to time to see how everything is going 'cause this was a good community that I am proud to have been a part of. The culmination of Ares was just so much awesome, sadly I fear it came too late in Yuri's life, certainly in mine!

I know I promised a few people a Purple Alert 8 and I still intend to release the work in progress version as soon as I can. In addition, my complete collection of resources and notes for planned RA2/YR projects and ideas will be made freely available for whoever wants it.
The source code for Launch Base is already available online thanks to Renegade and I am hopeful that he will be happy to host my works for as long as people want them.

Once again, getting this stuff online and tidying the website for that purpose will take a bit more of that precious commodity, however I have some time off in a few weeks so hopefully it won't be too long a wait.

Thank you all again for being so unbelievably awesome. I pretty much owe my career to Renegade Projects.

If anyone has any questions for me or requests for knowledge from my archive then please don't hesitate to post here or send me a PM for a quicker reply.

RE: Bowing out - Renegade - 29.10.2012

Thank you for your awesome and long-lasting contributions to the community, for your dedication and help over the years, and everything else you've done for us and the community in general.

You're always welcome both here and on IRC, obviously, so don't hesitate to drop by, if only just for fun and to talk.

Most importantly, don't worry about it. Real life has us all by the balls. Wink

RE: Bowing out - gordon-creAtive - 31.10.2012

It's like I'm looking into a mirror!

Marshall, thank you for your contributions to this community, I'm pretty sure they were highly appreciated. Smile

RE: Bowing out - DCoder - 31.10.2012

Echoing everyone else's opinions, thank you for your contributions and participation! (And sorry the "DCoder DLL" never actually materialized.) Good luck with whatever you're up to now.

Quote:I pretty much owe my career to Renegade Projects.

RE: Bowing out - Nighthawk - 01.11.2012

As everyone else has been saying, thanks for everything you've done for the community. Good luck in whatever you move on to next. Smile

RE: Bowing out - Marshall - 02.11.2012

(31.10.2012, 23:10:38)DCoder Wrote: Elaborate?

I developed my various techinical skills whilst working on projects here culminating in Launch Base which I showed off to my current employer - I believe it was instrumental in getting me the job which I love. Couldn't have done it without you all.

RE: Bowing out - Blade - 02.11.2012

Good luck with the future, you've made some great contributions over your tenure.