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RockPatch2 Media - pd - 01.12.2007

No, RP2 is not a mod, but still, pictures can tell more than a thousand words...
I'll start off things with a shot I just made. Smile

RE: RockPatch2 Media - Bobingabout - 02.12.2007

Cyan text FTW!

RE: RockPatch2 Media - gordon-creAtive - 02.12.2007

Bobingabout Wrote:Cyan text FTW!

Really? ;P

RE: RockPatch2 Media - IcySon55 - 04.12.2007

This addition will complete my menu for Taktics! White text ftw!

Sorry, had to remove the image for reasons brought up by Arikado.

RE: RockPatch2 Media - gordon-creAtive - 04.12.2007

Wow! Nice

RE: RockPatch2 Media - gordon-creAtive - 09.12.2007

Beaking new media:

RE: RockPatch2 Media - Blade - 09.12.2007

Are they just recoloured magnetron beams or restored sonic beams? With the low resolution and compression artefacts its hard to tell.

RE: RockPatch2 Media - pd - 10.12.2007

Recolored with full RGB and Alpha control in the inis.

RE: RockPatch2 Media - MCV - 14.12.2007

Not to talk about the custom deploy cursos, they appear nicely.