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Post-mod addons!
Got an idea!!!
Release the campaign after the mod release and as an optional addon,like MO music pack!!!!

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Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
^^ That's exactly what I thought of ages back when I was planning things out. It's a viable idea... who knows, will it become reality?

I can make maps but I suck at triggers and stuff...

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Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
Gah, how did I miss thie thread!!! Was I cryogenicly frozen to a time far of into the future and WR still isn't out yet! Tongue

Well I'm yet to play WR with the most recent version of WR, but in a way some levels are harder than 1.0 and in the same way some levels are easier than 1.0, thats all I'm liable to reveal at the momant!

And as for map packs, I may make some maps and with Whiteboy's blessing/help may work on the mod, I'm thinking of making a WR version of my Singleplayer to Multiplayer map pack, but that is far off because I'm lazy! Tongue

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That'd be nice, I always planned for WR to be expandable with more maps etc. by making the mod's files easily accessible. I'm allowing people to have a look at the files it uses for them to learn modding, and if they wish to use any tricks I used etc. for their own mod, they simply can ask me about it. But certainly no blatant copying of my work. Besides, some of the mod isn't my own work anyway (but I have been given permission to use such assets).

Unfortunately Tom, unless you're really fast at mapping, I won't be including your map for the mod. This is because I've almost finalised the maps (almost all from Truefeel) and there isn't time. But it is very possible in the future...

Bring me the maps,I can help you...
And about WB post:

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Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
Nah, I'm thinking along the lines of the maps going loose in the RA2 folder (which would mean they will work on regular RA2) but has special things on the maps that need WR to use!!

I will be making two or even 3 differn't versions of each map:

1. Normal, best with Valliina, or mods that don't change the stock buildings/units!

2. Whiteboy's rules fix and extras.

3. HopalongTom's Revenge version. Tongue

[Image: HOPALONGTOM.png]
OK,right on!!

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Credits go to Vertigo,THANKS!!!
Thread resurrection time! (I know you're still out there Tom). I'd love there to be some special "WR enhanced" maps. Now that the mod is done, There could easily be downloadable map packs with 5 or so maps. They could feature things like the stealth generator, the White House/President, classified units, massive naval maps to accomodate the new ships like the Railship, maps designed with Assault/Infiltration or Survival modes in mind... it could be very interesting. Mission maps too.

You should ask an experienced coder to edit FA2:YR like IcySon did, in order to make the TAKTICS Level Designer...well...bad idea... >_>
Lol a lot of work too, I can guarantee that won't get done I'm afraid Unhappy But the standard YR map designer is fine.

However it's difficult to make it compatible with mods...unless we edit the editor... XD
Ah not really, any old map will do for WR really. It just means you can do more though because WR supports the TX, and adds lots more buildings and units to place around the map, to make things interesting. I'm not a mapper but I think all "normal" (i.e. unmodded) maps will already work.


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