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GMAX is being discontinued!
Thanks to Banshee for the notification:

Quote:(from GMAX Website): As of October 6, 2005, Autodesk will no longer offer Gmax? software as a stand-alone product. If you are interested in other 3D animation, modeling, and rendering applications from Autodesk please check out Autodesk? 3ds Max? software.
Quote:Dear Gmax users,

I am here today to inform you that Autodesk has officially decided to end its support for the Gmax product and that their company has stopped support for it effective October 6th.

Since Turbo Squid is a valuable partner for Autodesk and we've been managing the product and community on their behalf for the past year, they've allowed us to continue to offer the Gmax download until November 1st so that we can effectively manage the transition for this now defunct product. At that point, the ability to download Gmax from our site will be removed as will the ability for users to get authorization codes for the product.

These forums will continue to operate for the community for a small period of time beyond that date, and we'll be happy to try and assist the community during that time.



Beau Perschall
VP of Publishing
Turbo Squid, Inc.
hm i should get it since I *thought* about modding Generals recently.

though those w3d im/exporters never worked for me for some reason :???:
I also wonder why there are such plugins for gmax but not for 3ds max since the programs seem to be really really similar....
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GMAX is based on 3DSMax 4, and 3DSMax is now at v8, it is very likely the file formats changed and they ditched compatibility...
Autodesk Wrote:"Recently we communicated a plan to cease new development on Gmax and ramp down support on the current offering; this decision was based on multiple factors and data points, including diminished interest from games publishers. Since the announcement, more partners provided feedback that we are investigating ? for this reason we are happy to announce that we will extend the previously communicated November 1, 2005 deadline and continue to make Gmax available to the active community.

Our plans still include a ramp down of support on this version of Gmax ? the technology does not reflect the capabilities of the current 3ds max release, nor is it ready in its current form to take advantage of pending changes to the windows operation system that will be exposed with the Vista release.

We have heard your feedback and are formulating a revised transitional plan ? in the interim we are again pleased to announce that we will continue to availability of Gmax for current active users.

Annie Normandin
Product Manager - Animation
Autodesk Media & Entertainment"

I'm a bit late with this post, but still good news Smile
That is a shame. I like GMax. I can still download it, but I may not receive any help from the developers.
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What is with the image, gordon?

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