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[split] How to use Ares in Launch Base
This contains Ares. How to use it?
If you're an Ares tester, you have the instructions. If you're not, you aren't supposed to use it until it is released.
well there is no game.syr anyway so there is no way to run it.
[split thread - this has nothing to do with the Launch Base download links]

Like DCoder said, the Ares testers know how to make use of Ares. When Ares becomes available to the general public instructions will also be made available to the general public.

If the Ares testers have any questions regarding the use of Ares in Launch Base then they should probably be posted in the Ares Testers' forum.
Ever wondered what the hell is going on?
Believe me friend you're not the only one.

Check out Launch Base for RA2/YR -
Also home to the Purple Alert mod, 1.002 UMP, and the YR Playlist Manager.

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