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Hi there!

I made up a small program I called ExceptChecker.
It will catch the latest except.txt in your YR folder and analyze it.

Basically it does what I do first when somebody sends me an except.txt:
Check the stack dump for possible patch relation and open IDA to check what's up there.

Of course, this prog doesn't open IDA, but uses a small database with known stack dumps and EIP values which can help to find the problem.

ATM, the database is really small.
The program can determine missing warheads/weapons already.
This little tool can save me a hell lot of nerves since people don't have to send me excepts all the time.
In the beginning (now) it wouldn't change a thing but with a growing database it probably will.

It also gives info about possible patch relation and other stuff.
Be sure to try it.
But keep in mind: :beta:

It will probably included with the patch from 1.07b on (with updated databases of course).

Edit by DCoder: reuploaded attachment.
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would be cool simply to have it if your mod causes an IE

hmm, whats wrong with my mod(Runs Exceptchecker) ah, missing warhead, missing CSF string(YES!!! IT CAN CAUSE IE IF A COUNTRY CSF STRING IS MISSING), Invalid Countries, and so on Big Grin
Awesome! :clap:

Pinned for convenience.
PaD, I'm attaching an except that causes your checker to crash with this error:

Run-time error '13':

Type mismatch

(I just thought this is a good bug report, I know what caused the except - an unhooked shrapnel weapon.)
The error occurs because of the extra line I think, which says H :blink:

Besides the whole file is much smaller than usual files.
I will write a special handling for those cases, thanks alot for the report!
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I just tested it on my mod... This is awesome.
I found out the mysterious IE in Star Strike.
Another good job!
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Awesome dude. Now I don't have to post my except.txt at strategy-x so much.LOL

Your the man PD!
Wow. I love this program. My little rules.ini mod I made had an IE I couldn't figure out why. This program found out!!!! Tongue
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nice without a downloadlink
ExceptChecker attached to this post.
.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 22.75 KB / Downloads: 690)
Sorry to revive an old thread, but I downloaded the ExceptChecker and whenever I try to run it I get a 'Run-time error '13': Type Mismatch'. I haven't even opened anything. It happens as soon as I double click on the exe
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That means your except.txt is too whacked for it to understand. You could try attaching it right here in case pd wants to take a look. Or just rename it to something else, and the exceptchecker will start fine.
the tool is still quite dumb anyway, the "doesn't match size" issue should be cared of (by myself of course Tongue)
I gotta reinstall VB6 so I can look into it
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It is rather good, but debugger it is better!
ARM forever - x86 sucks!

this tool was designed for people who dunno how to use debuggers and who can't look up the problem in the code... if you didn't recognize
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