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sorry if this sounds crazy, but what are placeholders and what do they do, for insatnce the multispecials weapontype is nukecarrier, and the nukecarrier weapon is in the wepons list, so why does the weedguy nedd to have it as well? please explain this to me cause i fail to understand. thank you...
All weapon types in the game need to be parsed on a unit before they can be used on something like a super weapon, or as a shrapnel / airburst weapon. The WEEDGUY unit is just in the coding so that the NukeCarrier weapon is parsed by the game. If the unit did not exist, the game would try to use the NukeCarrier weapon when a nuclear missile is fired, but it wouldn't be able to find the weapon, since it hasn't been loaded into the game. Thus, an error would result.

Basically, the placeholder units exist so that weapons are loaded into the game for use in situations where the weapons are not normally loaded, i.e. shrapnel and airburst weapons, and the nuclear missile.
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