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Shadows casted on bridge tiles
Does anybody know how the game knows which subtiles of a bridge tmp can have shadows casted on them?
[Image: ra2bridge.png]
In the game, tiles that have a green + on them have shadows casted on them, tiles that are marked with a red - sign on them do not.
Does anyone know how this is determined by the game? Can I somehow tell the game not to cast shadows on a certain subtile? Is z-data used at all? Thanks for any answers.
The first bridge overlay is placed over the centre tile out of the ones you marked green. The overlay is drawn to cover the 5 cells marked and so they get their shadow like all cells under the bridge overlay.
Thanks Blade, what you said is entirely correct. In my map rendering tool I need an offset for bridge overlays, however it apperas this offset was reversely applied to the shadows casted by these bridges, resulting in them seemingly being casted on different tiles. I had spent quite some time on this already, but after I read your post I got it figured out in a minute. Thanks again.
Completely off topic so I apologise but it's "cast" not "casted". "Casted" isn't a word.
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