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Cannot find flag?
... It seems that I can't find the OccupyWeapon flag on either Deezire modding guide or ModEnc... Can it be? Did ModEnc miss it? Jawdropping Or maybe its something else... if it is, tell me please!
Yeah, it was not in DZ's guide and we apparently haven't written it up. That's true for some other flags as well, btw... if we had more contributors we wouldn't have this problem.
Well, I added it. Not too much info but I guess you guys can fix it.

EDIT: BTW, I think the LineTrailColorDecrement flag was marked wrong in Deezire's guide/ModEnc. It said: "This flag defines how long the attached unit or projectile's LineTrail should be (i.e. how long to wait till it decays). A larger value results in a longer LineTrail." But actually, longer values equals shorter lines. Value of 1 stays way longer than the value of 30. I just wanted to make sure that this information was correct.
Oops, yeah, the EXE confirms that. I fixed it, next time you find inaccuracies, feel free to edit them yourself as long as you provide an adequate Edit Summary.

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