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Can someone update the MovementZone= area for me to include
Hover It allows miners to float over water using the Drive Locomotor. It's been tested and proven to work.
No. Stop talking out of your ass.

1. You can edit ModEnc entries yourself.

2. MovementZone=Hover doesn't work. More precisely, it has the same effect as MovementZone=Bullshit, or any other unrecognized value. That sets the internal MZ index to -1. In some cases (pathfinding, object placement), MZ -1 is interpreted as a "we don't know what MZ this object uses, don't check it", in other cases it invokes undefined behaviour. Enjoy your spontaneous untraceable IEs or random nonsense.

Administrative Notice:

Myth busted.

Your post, tone and past reputation at Piss Poor Modders' Site annoys me. I'm now adding additional validation to Ares to warn about bogus values like this, so I don't have to waste my time with your other "proofs" in the future.
O.K. well what ever, all I know is I tested, retested, and retested it with the drive locomotor and it works perfectly fine. The miner responds normally and functions correctly, No random acts of nonsense, nor any IE's. So if I did not experience these so called flaws with it, then how the hell would I know. So going out of your way to try to make me look stupid is just assnineish. Have a nice day!Smile
Thou shalt not argue with those who can read the disassembled code.
Crevio, I'll make you a very simple deal:
Prove, conclusively, beyond reasonable doubt, that
MovementZone=Hover provides significantly and noticeably different behavior than
MovementZone=CrevioCantRead and
and I'm sure D, as a reasonable and intelligent man, will apologize for his statements, having been proven wrong.
In the meantime, I will do what your retarded, pea-sized brain is apparently incapable of: I will believe the guy who can actually read the game's code rather than a random moron who makes wild claims without any proof at all.

I mean, expect us to believe you you understand the values the game parses better than the guys who can actually read, understand and modify the engine itself, after you have shown that you can't even edit ModEnc? You expect us to believe a guy who found "click 'edit' to edit" too complex to achieve?

The offer stands: Prove that MovementZone=Hover has an obviously, undeniably different effect than several other flags that we can all unanimously agree are probably not being parsed by the game (e.g. MovementZone=WestwoodSucksMonkeyBalls), and we'll acknowledge having been wrong and update ModEnc accordingly.

Until that happens, under the presence of superior information from more reliable sources, the information you provide is considered false, and if you continue spreading it on Renegade Projects I will ban you for misleading the community.

And be advised: This is not DeeZire, and this is not Project Plant Manyn00bsinoneplace. Adjust your behavior to something considerably more intelligent immediately, or you will be fair game and/or banned quicker than you can cry "but it works!!1!1!".
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(01.06.2011, 05:43:25)kenosis Wrote: Oh damn don't be disgraced again!

(25.06.2011, 20:42:59)Nighthawk Wrote: The proverbial bearded omni-bug may be dead, but the containment campaign is still being waged in the desert.
Can't you just do this with the amphibious movement locomoter instead?
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To confirm, MovementZone = Hover doesn't do anything.
The only reason why, when they both are used, is because the "Drive" Locomotor is actually the locomotor that makes a unit hover.

I did four hover tests with the grizzly battle tank.
MZ = Hover, Normal Locomotor (Doesn't Hover)
MZ = Hover, "Drive" Locomotor (Hovers)
MZ = Normal, Normal Locomotor (Doesn't Hover)
MZ = Normal, "Drive" Locomotor (Hovers)

Evidently, only the "Drive" locomotor makes it hover. MZ doesn't do crap.
DCoder > Crevio.
Crevio < DCoder.

I don't know why people call it the "drive" locomotor, I don't know what it is, and I don't know if people already know this, but obviously, it's more accurate to be called the Hover locomotor than the drive locomotor. And side note: the amphibious transport uses the same locomotor.
Let's get the terminology straight.

;Locomotor={4A582741-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} ;drive locomotor
Locomotor={4A582741-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} ; <------ Drive Locomotor, not "normal" as you put it
Locomotor={4A582742-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} ; <------ Hover Locomotor, not "drive" as you put it
Yeah, was referring to what Crevio said. Quoting.

Figured that the "drive" locomotor is hovering.
I wonder if Crevio maybe just got MovementZone mixed up with SpeedType, given that there is SpeedType=Hover...
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No, his posts at qqw advertised the combination of both SpeedType and MovementZone being set to Hover.
Ah... note to self, stop trying to rationalise the actions of n00bs. Tongue
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If you're going to claim to have made a new discovery, you need to do thorough testing and document exactly why you reached your conclusion.

Science! It works, bitches!
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