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Chronoshift Flags
This thread is for the purpose of discussing the ini flags mentioned at Talk:ChronoReinfDelay.

I am still unable to verify that ChronoReinfDelay has any effect whatsoever.

I have, however, made the following observations in both skirmish and campaign:
1) Units created by action 107, Reinforcement by Chrono, take ChronoDelay frames to phase in.
2) Vehicles given to player by action 107 and subsequently chronoshifted by the Chronosphere superweapon take ChronoDelay frames to phase in. This is worth noting because normally vehicles phase in instantly when chronoshifted by the superweapon.

It would really help if someone else could verify these findings and help figure out what ChronoReinfDelay does (since it is apparently used by the engine according to DCoder). Wtf
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