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Launch Base 0.99.236
A rather useful update for Ares testers, this one.

Launch Base Version 0.99.236 [2010-02-01]
  • Under Update Options, you can now select whether to have Ares update using the Stable build or Nightly build (this has been approved by DCoder). Stable is the default, however it should be noted that no Stable build has yet been released.
  • Ares SVN URL and Paths have been de-hardcoded.
  • Updated logging handling to consider an Ares crash dump file as evidence of an Internal Error.
  • Ares crash dump files will now be processed (either moved to LaunchBase\Logs or deleted).

Get it here!

Shortly after releasing this I've become aware of a bug with the new log handling. Basically, anything produced by Ares will be ignored and, without Ares, even except.txt will be ignored. Apologies for this, it's due to the timings of when the Ares files are generated and how they are named (+ a coding error on my part). I know how I'm going to fix it but it will take a little while - will try to get it done in a day or so.

Version 0.99.237 released. The Debug folder is, for now, ignored whilst further planning takes place.

Version 0.99.238 released. Final plans implemented.
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Believe me friend you're not the only one.

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