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Launch Base 0.99.238
Further to the issues with the logging over the last couple of days, the final plans for how game/Ares logging will be handled in Launch Base have been implemented as follows:

Launch Base Version 0.99.238 [2010-02-03]
  • (checkbox) Capture except.txt - Launch Base will either capture any except.txt files produced or delete them.
  • (checkbox) Prompt For except.txt Description - As always, gives you the option to enter a description for the except.txt file produced.
  • (checkbox) Enable Ares Logging - tells Ares whether or not to produce a debug.log file. Launch Base will make no attempt to intercept this.
  • (button) Open Ares' Debug Folder - opens the Debug folder in My Computer, so that you can manually review/housekeep the files produced by Ares.
  • DCoder will be restoring the generation of except.txt in Ares, although the filename will include a timestamp where appropriate.

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