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Launch Base 0.99.239
Thanks to AlexB for pointing out a few issues.

Launch Base Version 0.99.239 [2010-02-16]
  • Fixed crash on closing Help Topics when Check-For-Updates window was open.
  • Right-clicking on a part of the mod list where there is no entry will no longer cause the popup menu to be shown.
  • Improved Help Topics load speed.
  • Residual File Manager window is no longer pointlessly resizable.
  • 00000000.256, YR1.dsk, and wdt.mix will no longer be treated as residual files.
  • Installer no longer sets the Launch Base website link to the wrong URL.

Get it here!
Ever wondered what the hell is going on?
Believe me friend you're not the only one.

Check out Launch Base for RA2/YR -
Also home to the Purple Alert mod, 1.002 UMP, and the YR Playlist Manager.

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