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So I spent an hour hacking up a new screenshot writer. Features:
  • Writes 16 bit BMP instead of 24 bit PCX
  • Smaller filesize due to less bits per pixel
  • Writes a lot faster than PCX
  • Obviously needs new filenames - LaunchBase might want to take note of this, it would have to be "scrn%04d.bmp"
  • Unlike most BMPs, it is written and rendered top to bottom due to a neat trick I found.
Now the question of course is, should I replace the pcx screenshot writer with this, turn it into an alternate keyboard command, or leave it as is? And I can leave the mouse cursor visible if necessary...
Less size, less computer resources to process screenshots, In this moment I don't see disadvantages of replacing the format because the first things that usually I do is convert the images to JPEG and BMP is an old format that a lot of programs can read and work with it. If is a lot of work to put an option to choose old format or new then I should choose replace it by the new format.

About the filenames & cursor can I suggest you if the mod can manage it in [General] section? Something like "Screenshots.hideCursor=bool" and "Screenshots.fileName=scrn%04d.bmp"
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At the end of the day, who still uses PCX for full-blown images like screenshots?
Writing straight to BMP will save people a lot of hassle converting the PCX images to something their image application can read. Besides, even people stuck with the glory of Microsoft Paint can use BMP.
I'd vote for replacing.
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Yeah...I don't think anyone uses the PCX files for anything but conversion anyway. I say replace the command.
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Replace! don't see any reason to keep PCX. Could this also be used to output screenshots as PNG?
The game's drawing routines produce 16 bit colors, and transformations to 24 bit PCX are the whole reason screenshots freeze the game for a bit. BMP format supports 16 bit colors, so I can simply copy the pixels from the game and get almost instantaneous output.
replace IMO.

PCX's aren't the most widely used format ever, so using an almost universal format makes more sense to me.
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Generally it would be cool to have YR use common formats. It's all a matter of writing wrappers really, but I know first hand that in theory, it's much easier than in practice.
GIF for anims (instead of SHP, they use 256 colors too), ZIP for packages (instead of MIX) and MP3 for audio would be sweet really. Wink

BMP for screenshots instead of PCX is a good start. Wink
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Thanks, the consensus is quite clear then.

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