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Questions about Ares 0.1
First I want to thanks all the people who had working on the patch(inclusive the testers of course) for doing a wonderful job.

After I read the manual, I was thinking f*ck NPatch.
I like this patch alot. But I have some questions.

- Why was kennel hack removed? Any chance of restoring it?
- Is 32 countries really the limit? Npatch manual also say that it have a limit of 32, but I tested 45 and they all worked fine. (I dont care about taunt)
- The bolded text of the list below, do they have chances to make it in future versions?
I know you will do SW in Ares 0.4, so I wont ask about them.

Quote:RockPatch/NPatch Features Not (Yet) Included:
- Chrono Factory (unit is delivered by chronoshift)
- DropPod Factory (unit is delivered by drop pod)
- Paradrop Factory (unit is delivered by paradrop)

- Non-VTOL Aircraft
- Command line switch to output list of missing string table entries
- VoiceIFVRepair
- Radiation types
- Bounty
- Immunities (obsolete because of new armor types)
- Unit upgrade morphing with veterancy
- Custom laser widths
- Custom weapon cursors
- Bespoke Main Menu
- TechLevel slider
- Multi-engineer
- Third campaign button
- Disable campaign menu
- Toggle Power can replace click-repair
- Custom dropdown colors

- Super weapons:
- DropPod
- Custom Paradrop clones
- EMPulseCannon
- Autofire
- Hunterseeker
- SpySat
- IonCannon
- Upgrade
- General super weapon clones
- AI targeting types
- Lighting
Hi there Smile Good to see you like what we cooked up!

To answer your questions:
The Kennel Hack wasn't "removed" per se, the underlying functionality was improved - to quote the manual:
Ares Manual Wrote:Factory Load Sharing

If you had queued up a lot of vehicles such that the primary factory could not cope with the rapid exit cycle then the game would search for alternative exits – other instances of the same BuildingType. In Ares this has been extended to search for all BuildingTypes with the same Factory= and Naval= settings.
This, "unfortunately", fixes the bug/weirdness the Kennel Hack was exploiting.

To make up for that, there is currently a feature planned for Ares 0.3 which will let the modder decide where to produce a unit on a per-unittype basis; you can follow the progress of that on bugtracker issue #634.

I have no overview of the countries code (it was coded by others), so I'll leave that answer to others.
The easiest way would be to just test it, though. If you honestly need that many countries, and you can tell us exactly what fails at whatever number you're trying, we may be able to set the limit higher. Smile

Specific feature requests go to the bugtracker. See here for more information on how to properly file one.

For many, many features, requests already exist.
Of the features you bolded, Radiation Types, Laser Width and color dropdowns already have existing requests.
Feel free to create one for factory delivery methods!

Which priority each individual feature request gets depends on the support it gains in the community as well as its complexity. If it turns out half the user base wants custom laser widths, you can be sure they'll be implemented soon enough. Wink

btw, for that reason, it is imperative that you comment on the feature requests in the bugtracker, so we know which features the community supports, and which it deems unnecessary!

I hope those answers helped you - do you have any other questions?
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(01.06.2011, 05:43:25)kenosis Wrote: Oh damn don't be disgraced again!

(25.06.2011, 20:42:59)Nighthawk Wrote: The proverbial bearded omni-bug may be dead, but the containment campaign is still being waged in the desert.
Taunts only support 16 countries properly. Owner, RequiredHouses and ForbiddenHouses turn into a big mess after 32 countries. (Actually it turns into "undefined behaviour" as the compiler puts it.) I am quite sure that extending that will take a lot of repetitive work.

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