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Tiberian Sun: UMP (Version 0.2 Released!)
Tiberian Sun: UMP

This is the thread for my Tiberian Sun: Unofficial Mini-Patch. The Tiberian Sun: UMP is like a base for new mods, it fixes all known (fixable) bugs in Tiberian Sun. I feel it's clearly obvious for those with Tiberian Sun knowledge that when it comes to modding off of the UMP, you are to edit rules.ini and art.ini, you are not to edit firestrm.ini and artfs.ini, leave those blank as they are in the UMP.

Download Tiberian Sun: UMP 0.2

Vesion 0.1 Log:

Tiberian Sun Bug Fixes:

- Fixed Nod War Factory anmation
- Fixed Silo animation
- Fixed Secondary Hand of Nod animation (Flashing pixels on the antenna)
- Fixed Secondary GDI Barracks animation (Flashing pixels on the antenna)
- Fixed several animations on the Civilian Array
- Fixed several GAPLUG animations
- Partially fixed Dam animations (Not completely fixed)
- Fixed Proton projectile animation
- Fixed Disc grenade animation
- Fixed Harvesting animation
- Fixed CANISTER palette issue
- Fixed Harvester Dumping animation
- Fixed Animation errors on GATECH
- Fixed Animation errors on NATECH
- Fixed GDI Radar damage Animations
- Fixed Nod Stealth Generator damage Animations
- Fixed Armor Upgrade Crate, now increases Strength instead of decreasing it
- Fixed waterfall animations
- Fixed RPG Turret Frames
- Fixed Component Tower animation
- Fixed Nod Power Plant animation issues (overlapping)
- Fixed Obelisk charging animation for Tiberian Sun (Already fixed in Firestorm)
- Fixed Silo damage fill animation
- Added Entries to some Unused items in the mix files
- Removed Cyborg Reaper Death Animation due-to multiple kill point bug
- Both Tiberian Sun and Firestorm campaign maps are compatible with the UMP

Version 0.2 Log:

Tiberian Sun Bug Fixes:

- GAFIRE animation no longer shows through buildings
- NAPOST animation no longer shows through buildings
- NTPYRA animation no longer shows through buildings
- GAKODK animation no longer shows through buildings
- NAWAST animation no longer shows through buildings
- NAMTNK animation no longer shows through buildings
- ICBM PowerUp value fixed, changed to MLTIMISL
- Fixed VULCAN firing Animations on Mutants
- Removed TargetLaser=yes from Titan
- Titan FLH value fixed
- Added UMAGON Voiceover to MWMN Entry

UMP Credits:

Aro - UMP, Various Bug fixes, Palette fixes, Optional Enhancements and Fixes
Lin Kuei Ominae - Various Bug fixes, Various Palette fixes, Various SHP fixes
Chriz - Discovering the War Factory animation bug
Machine - Discovering the Armor Powerup bug
Crimsonum - Bug finding
Revolutionary - Bug finding

In addition to the UMP, here are a couple of optional downloads:

- CCHyper's Waveclass Error Fix (Recommended)
- DDRAW.dll (Does not work for everybody)

If you know of any bugs in Tiberian Sun or have any suggestions for future builds of the TS:UMP, please post them here. Enjoy.
Looks good! Smile
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(01.06.2011, 05:43:25)kenosis Wrote: Oh damn don't be disgraced again!

(25.06.2011, 20:42:59)Nighthawk Wrote: The proverbial bearded omni-bug may be dead, but the containment campaign is still being waged in the desert.
Quote:Removed Cyborg Reaper Death Animation due-to multiple kill point bug
What's this?

Congrats to all involved for releasing something new and useful!
If you attack a unit during it's death animation the game will read that attack as killing the unit over and over again until the animation stops. Every time a unit is shot during it's Death animation, veterancy points are given to whatever unit is firing upon it causing instant veteracy for rapid fire units and undeserved points rewarded to any unit firing upon the death animation.
LOL, I see. Awesome WW coding, as usual.

Edit: Can't you fix that with Next= on the death anim?
Impossible unfortunately. There are a couple of work-arounds I've thought of like creating a new explosion using the frames from the Death Animation but that would be problematic for Remap color, so I find it best just to remove the two tags (DeathFrames= and DeathFrameRate=) completely since the Death Animation is bugged altogether, sometimes the Cyborg Reaper would get up and walk for a while after it had died then randomly blow up. Wtf

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