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DFD: Round II
While we judge another 50 fights of Round 1, you can continue to kill in Round 2 of the Daily Feature Deathmatch.

Since Round 2 consists only of issues filed since the beginning of DFD, it's only 5 threads/10 fights.

Question: There have been a number of times where the majority of you sat in DFDs and didn't want either of the issues in a fight - would you like an Ultimate Smackdown before Round 3, with the purpose of killing all issues that are complete bullcrap and/or shouldn't even be considered?

That way, we'd go into Round 3 with only issues that are at least somewhat sensible.
Your call, I can set it up either way.

For now, go kill in Round 2.
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(01.06.2011, 05:43:25)kenosis Wrote: Oh damn don't be disgraced again!

(25.06.2011, 20:42:59)Nighthawk Wrote: The proverbial bearded omni-bug may be dead, but the containment campaign is still being waged in the desert.
I am all for cutting out all the "trash" and focusing on the "gold"

While some may argue "x issue is worthy" or "y issue is better than z" I feel getting things which have large application/use [or at least the foundations laid] will beat out little tweaks and polishes here and there

Not saying "OMG you guys MUST do this or that" - is only an opinion after all - just thinking logically - provide/sort things which enable modders/users to do x, y and z and then micromanage
Nuke them from orbit, its the only way to be sure.
I'm all for killing the crap before proceeding to Round 3. If we don't there is - no matter how small - a slight chance one or two of them survives through sheer luck (read: randomizer puts crap vs. crap all the time).

Who knows, maybe we can even reduce the number of rounds by 1 if the Ultimate Smackdown kills enough issues.
Yes! I agree strongly. I think that the crappy issues should be killed before Round 3, for reasons described in the above post.
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