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Save games?
Curious cat that I am, what version of Ares is working save games targeted at (and whatver crazy voodoo that entails)? From the roadmap it looks like version 0.3 given that is the first version with a save game related function targeted at it and its pretty hard to test it if save games don't work. Also, when will some of the branches (I'm specifically interested in the single player campaign buttons) get merged back into trunk?
Branches will be integrated when they're deemed stable enough. For that specific one I have no idea what its state is, you'll have to wait for Alex or Ren to answer.

Savegames will be done ... sometime. Thanks for the note, I changed that issue to not be targeted for 0.3 . Savegames are a bitch to get right, I think we might have to make a whole separate 0.7 or something just for them.
The branches I worked on, Third Button and Veterancy, are finished. They may need some testing by people that aren't me as I can't confirm my own code. As far as I'm concerned, they are stable and there are no known bugs.
Just out of curiosity, why can't you test your own codes? can't you plug in the compiled DLL into your yuri's revenge, whip up a quick mod using your feature, and test it?

I know that's extra work for you and I'm not asking you to, but is there actually something preventing you (and others) from testing your (/their) own code?
I can and I did (and still do) before I committed it and thus marked the respective issues as resolved. I'm very confident there are no bugs as I test everything I code multiple times and try to use it beyond specification. Otherwise it would not be possible to create screenshots for the manual or the NIPPLES thread, for example. What you call extra work is just my normal approach, otherwise how could I even guarantee my code meets a certain quality standard? Of all the time I spend, way less than 10% are spend writing code. The problem is, I still might get something wrong (maybe by misunderstanding the actual request maybe because I made an error somewhere) and I'm unable to see my own mistakes. Therefore there have to be other testers checking my stuff. If everyone assumes everything is working as intended there is no need to have testers at all - assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. I suspect my code is wrong until testers or the feature requester tells me it's ok.

At the moment, only Blade tested Third Button. The sooner it's verified the sooner I can merge it into the trunk. The four issues resolved in the Veterancy trunk haven't been tested at all. The last comment on all of them is my commit message.
aah, that all makes sense then.

Perhaps later today i can look at a few of those issues so you can push them into the trunk.

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