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Feature request
I wish someone else could write this as a requested feature on the wikia.

I was thinking about wether the way the paratrooper plane dropped it's parachuted troops on clear landable areas could also be applied to aircraft crew, becuase as it is now the crew member will not land at all if there is an obstacle in the way, mainly buildings but could also be units that prevent him from exiting the plane. Why do I want this? Well it is to emulate the "Eye in the sky" suicide aircraft in Emperor: Battle for Dune, an Ordos unit. It's purpose is to fly above any structure and blow itself up through the deployer cursor(not the point though), and when the aircraft explodes there is debris falling down on the structure below aswell as the parachuted saboteur, a suicide bomber who subsequently blows up upon landing. You get the idea.

As long as there is no clear area below the destroyed plane, the crew member will not exit.

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