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AI Editor - How can I put a blank aimd.ini in it?
Maybe it's not the brightest idea, but I'd like to rewrite the AI from scratch both as an experience, and to have some nightmares.

However, when I try to put a blank AI file, it drops out saying it's invalid and after I copied the list arrays and one dummy script to each, it gave me a List index out of bounds error.

Should I just give up and delete the entries in-Editor or is there a more proper way?
It should work fine with just having the section headers ([TaskForces], [ScriptTypes], [TeamTypes], [AITriggerTypes]) with no content... if it doesn't, well, I'm sorry but I no longer have the source code so I can't see what the code is doing.
This is as blank as you can have an AIMD.ini

one teamtype, taskforce, script and trigger.

edit these first to your first AI command, then go from there, or make a new team, script, taskforce and trigger, then delete the old ones.

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