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New rally point established !!!
Big Grin 
Eva says these words when you click on a kind of factory of yours and select
anywhere on the map that you want to unit exits from factory to go there,you know.

My problem is ; in RA2 ; we can select all of our one-type buildings with
the "type select button",(T) ...

In YR,you can select across the map same kind of infantries ,vehicles ,aircrafts e.t.c. ....

But not The Buildings...Buildings are not (T) button selectable anymore.

So I have to set all of my war factories way points by manually (single and single...Pıfff) If I could be able to select all same type of my factories with the (T,T,T,T button; to select across the map) all of these factories waypoints
would be set at ONCE ,by the same rally point like in old RA2...

I wonder, why YR doesn't support Building type selectable ?

Maybe I am too much again ? But ...I want to learn ,is there a way to select
the same type buildings with (default "T" button )?

I believe that is what dictates what is fair game for a type selection (among other things). Of course, I am assuming you have some experience with modding, seeing as you ended up here.

By the way, for vanilla YR, not all hope is lost. While it's a bother, you can select multiple buildings one by one if you hold down shift and click.

Not as convenient but generally you don't have to rally-point so many factories at the same time that it's really that big of a deal.

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