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Red Ares 1.0 Release
[Image: redares.png]

Some time in the past AG got in a debate about Ares and decided, what if someone made a Ares modification which was launched via Launch Base and on top of that have nearly every
asset avaliable for public use as long as credits were given?

Fast forward to now and AG proudly presents the first public download avaliable Ares modification using Launch Base.

Join the allies or soviets, align with a country whilst on the battlefield and crush all who oppose you.

Download Red Ares 1.0

Red Ares Mod DB profile

Allied General would like to thank the following -

Revora Creative Network (Hosting)
Olaf van der Spek (XCC Utilities)
Marshall (Launch Base)
AlexB (Ares DLL)
DCoder (Ares DLL)
Electro (Ares DLL)
pd (Ares DLL)
Renegade (Ares DLL)
Apollo (Robot Storm)
Starkku (Project Phantom)
Aro (Twisted Insurrection)
Mig Eater (D-Day)
Gangster (TS: Rewire)
SSTG (CNC Dark Rising)
EA Los Angeles
Westwood Studios

I would especially like to thank Starkku for his cameo, voxel editing work, Aro for his time in creating the logo and to all the great artists who contributed towards the content
of this modification.

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