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The Future of Ares
I'll try to be as active, as a tester, as possible; if real-life issues doesn't get in my way too much.
Hey I can help with testing. I'll do any of the jobs mentioned and am also pretty good with voxels (if thats any use to you) Email me at if im needed. Smile
Who are you?
"The present is theirs. The future, for which I really worked, is mine."
- Nikola Tesla

"My - y - my - your - my vision has permutated. My - y - my - your - my plans have followed a path unpredicted by the union of Nod and GDI. Your - my - our - our directives must be reassessed." - Kane/CABAL

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I've just submitted my resume. I hope I'll be accepted. *Excited*
If anyone is wanting to apply for any positions, please PM me with some idea of who you are and your experience. We don't want to run into the same problems as last time in terms of testers, and I currently lack the psychic powers to derive your experience from a two-line forum post. Thank you.
Ares Project Manager.
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Open Ares positions: Documentation Maintainer, Active Testers.
PM if interested.
Additionally, we've now got five testers, so although you can still apply to be a tester, let's just say that serious applications for the other positions (Documentation, User Support, Project Ambassador, Promo Material Creator) will attract my attention more. Wink
I am interested in the Documentation Manager position, but I will need to work closely with you guys so that you can teach me exactly how you guys write, compile, and commit the documentation to the SVN. What program to use (to edit the documentation, since I assume you don't use note/wordpad or MSO Word), anything I need to do with JavaScript (if necessary) etc. etc.

Of course, I will continue to test any features I find myself using in my mod, and whenever I make a promo screenie or video of my mod using an Ares feature I will forward it to your promo material guy or project ambassador.
Quote:I assume you don't use note/wordpad
Oh, but we do. Use real text editors, that is.
Adobde Dreamweaver could work?
Java student.
JawdroppingWtf (disbelieving)
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I'm in the process of converting D-day from NP to Ares, so your problems are now my problems.

I'll do my best to be an active tester but I'm often out of the country & away from a computer. So some weeks I'll be looking at the SVN/bugtracker several times a day & others I'll be missing from the face of the planet Tongue

Of course once I'm done with converting D-day I'll be able to help with "shiny" promo screenshots as well.
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yeah, to be completely honest, manually converting a mod from NP to Ares is mostly a pretty painless operation. I used NP quite heavily and converting (even at the loss of a couple of features as Ares was very new at the time) took me about 30 minutes, including testing and correcting mistakes in the transcription. Often times it's a 1:1 flag ratio between Ares and NP to achieve the same effect, so using Notepad's replace function will fix up all of the simple flag changes. The more involved ones can get a bit tedious, but usually the amount of units/weapons/whatever that use those more involved logics is small enough to be manageable.

At least, that was my experience. Keep in mind I had an additional 300KB of code on Rulesmd.ini (amounting the file, with comments, to about 1MB), so if you have close to or less than that, then of course depending on what features of NP you used, conversion probably won't be a problem.

Of course, keep in mind some NP features aren't in Ares and will need to be disabled for the time being, but it more than compensates for that by having 739847916 things you can add in place of those few features you have to leave out (for now) Tongue
I want to be anactive tester,I've sent a message to you.
Havent checked the progress of Ares for a while but it seems to me that this project is about to end pretty soon, if nobody is willing to help finishing it.
but i have also checked the raodmap and the comments on the issues on the bugtracker.

The roadmap shows clearly that there are a lot of closed or solved issues in upcoming versions (after 0.2). My suggestion would be to put all those finished or cancelled worked into the next release. that way none of your precious work would be lost if ares is really going to end.

The thing about the comments on the bugtracker is that i read the same names over and over again. i guess these are the guys who are really going to use ares in their respective mods.
i think they pretty much know what they need and to what degree they need it. you should finish these features with the highest priority because these are the ones that will be used in the mods.

ares itself is just a tool, the possible modifications are the big thing about it.

just my two cents
While you're halfly right, Mr. No Name, you should also take Ares's development system into account. The names you're mainly read are not just modders. Let me throw an example, if you checked the bugtracker that deeply as you said, you may know my name.

And I'm not a modder. I'm a tester. My main work is to continually test out the features, releases. And I'm one hundred percent sure that I'm not alone.

While there are modders who tests Ares just for their features they want to use, there are also people who had been hired to test all things related to Ares. Day after day, revision after revision. This is my, no, our work. And I'm happy to do that.

And because you seems to be intelligent, I'd be happier if you'd be more than an unknown guest.

If you don't want to see the end of this project before 1.0, I am sure that you could find your place in the Ares development process. Well, this is what I think.

Also another information. Every finished feature/bugfix will end up in the released versions. No matter the target version, if the feature had been done, it is already included.

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