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The Future of Ares
i never knew that the resolved issues are included in the current version. thanks for the information.

I have already thought about helping you guys out. unfortunately i have no skills in modding Yuri. back in the day i messed around in the rules but who didnt? i cant make any videos to spread the word about ares because i cant get any features to run (and im not skilled in making videos).
i could say i want to help testing but thats not true. as aforementioned i cant implement the features to be tested and i dont have an idea how to explain possible faults because - as you may have noticed - english is not my mothertongue and neither is it C++ or something.

theres really nothing i could do but comment on what i see. im really sorry about that.
To test a feature all you have to do is get Ares running (multiple threads about that) then use them, then log on to the bug tracker. If they work say "it works", if it doesn't say "it doesn't work" and offer a brief description of how it is broken.
Hmm maybe instead of discontinuing you can take your time instead and release a .5 to whole .0 every year? I don't read alot on your ares these days but basically to few people and do much to do right? So like you guys are having no problems with doing the codding or idea making it's just what I said right?
The problem with that is currency and interest. (No, I'm not talking finances.)
If we only release yearly, new features, and, more importantly, bugfixes are only released once a year.
That on itself is undesirable, but a consequence of that would be that people simply lose interest in Ares - why follow Ares if LH_Mouse's patch releases features every month?
Don't get me wrong, I don't see us in competition with LH_M or anything similar to that, it's just a question of resources: There's only a limited "supply" of modders in the community, and if everyone is using LH_M's patch, the interest in Ares will be low.
...and that returns us to the question that originally started this: Why do Ares if nobody cares?

There's no point in people switching to Ares if Ares is dead, and there's no point in keeping Ares alive if no one wants to switch to it.
There has to be a minimum momentum, a critical mass of modders interested in Ares for it to be worth the effort.
A complete, functional ACSC would prove there is such a critical mass; not finding a few additional people to do select tasks would show there aren't enough people interested in Ares's continuation to sustain it.

So while you are right in so far as that we could just code a line here and there and do very long release intervals, we would most likely be doing that for naught, because, by then, interest in the community would be gone.
(That, and, believe it or not, we actually like closure and clarity. Wink If Ares is unwanted, that's the community's good right, but we'd like to know, so we can focus on something else.)
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(01.06.2011, 05:43:25)kenosis Wrote: Oh damn don't be disgraced again!

(25.06.2011, 20:42:59)Nighthawk Wrote: The proverbial bearded omni-bug may be dead, but the containment campaign is still being waged in the desert.
Oh lol you want more attention? Hmm well the problem is Red Alert 2 is considered an old game so few people will want to buy it, People would still download it for free however which isn't fully legal, so the sad truth is to get new people in the community and old people who sold Red Alert 2 long ago for Red Alert 3 you'd have to have the Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge for free so people can download it and play the mods. Lots of people download roms for normal nintendo and decent number of people play hacks or mods for certain games like the original marios. This is Radaral btw. I always forget to log in here lol. But yeah you want attention and people to actually use it. I have one idea for promotion, Have somebody goof off with the new Ares Patch featurs to make units that are perpously imbalanced, unpractical and uses random mixtures of the coding together. So make them experiments as well and when they do funny or odd things make a joke out of it and put the video up with a storyline to why it's doing that in the first place. I may just may be able to help you out with that one.
The thing is not about it being free, or that theres no interest to play it (cause I know plenty of people that do and aren't active in the modding community). And AlliedGeneral is already making a mod of the Ares features. The problem is not enough people being interested in modding anymore, and I can see that, its been how many years now? (and I'm repeating here, I know) There would be no reason for the Ares team to keep going if no one cares to switch to it from other patches, although I'd never touch something that's been tainted by VK.

Its just a fact that many of us had the time to mod back then, and not so much now. I'd like to see Ares keep going, but if it can't, it can't.

(Also, I'd apply as the forum personnel, but I've already let the Ares team down as a tester, and I feel I'm doomed to never finish anything outright Tongue)
Quote:If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Don't beg for things; Do it yourself, or you'll never get anything.
I'm working on a mod that uses the ares patch. I got the gameplay down, AI still needs some adjustments, Alot of the graphics aren't done but alot are, a few more units to be added, and the parabombing super weapon and the component towers don't work right. only IE is the attempt at an aircraft carrier that can literally carry and reload there ammo. I don't want to high jack this thread but if you guys simply want to see it used I'll post screenshots of my inworks mod.
I'm Willing to help preserve Ares. I have a Numerous numbers of Free time. I Beta test always and spend many hours beta testing a mod for another individual. i'll supply you guys with an extra tester. Anyways, I have heavy numbers of free time and I can hunt down a Bug like no ones business. The Mod I Tested for i found numerous bugs and helped the creator analyze them and take care of them. However the inside folders are a cluttering mess. as i beta test 2 mods. and one is a messy installation so it's difficult to remove all the files. However, I can muster up the time to beta test for long periods of time. Sadly my computer is disgraceful in performance and any upgrades i have in mind are too expensive and cheaper ones would just be a waste since a large majority of the parts in my computer have been unchanged for almost 6 years now.

All in all. I'm ready to beta test and i'll hunt down the bugs with the aim to give a description as i'm an individual of Detail.
If you guys want an extra tester I'm all for zipping to it and testing.

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