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Speeder from Mental Omega created another preview video showing off multiple features of Ares. Behold:

One of our new helpers, Graion Dilach, also made a video:

Note: certain features in the videos are only available in testing builds for now.
Okay, can someone tell me what software, codecs, and configurations they use for recording videos of YR? Cuz I am having problems getting a balance between video quality and an acceptable framerate in the resulting video output... I use camtasia studio for recording videos at the moment. FRAPS crashes my YR with an IE during loading, CamStudio is unable to detect my audio hardware, and I really don't know of any other good screen recording programs, and worst of all I don't know any good recording codecs that are good for this type of stuff...
Well, I use HyperCam and I don't compress the video when I record. (Interestingly, HyperCam recorded the sound) I put the source video into VirtualDub and use ffdshow's XVID and LAME's MP3 codec. IMO Youtube degrades the quality, too.

Unfortunately, my computer isn't enough to record YR 25 fps even without compression.
@Graion Dilach: I'd convert it in VirtualDub with the x264 codec and LAME's MP3 encoder. I'd also upscale it to 1080p. Here's a video of C&C1 I uploaded a while back upscaled to 1080p with ~5% of sharpening:

There's a ~5% quality loss over the original FRAPS capture encoded with x264. I converted the capture with x264 set to 'lossless' because the resulting file size was really small. but normally I set it to multipass with a target bitrate of 6000 kbit/s. I made the following capture of a game of C&C Renegade:

I did forget to turn 'Force lossless RGB capture' on (which is why the red in that video is so blurry).
Hmmm. Thanks for the tip, it really looks nice.

TBH I play with 800x600, but I don't see any reasons why I shouldn't try out your settings. Definitely'll go for one when I create that one.
@ Worminator - Control Panel - Sound - Recording, right click one of the devices and enable show list of disabled devices, your sound card or whatever should appear, you then enable it.

Camtasia has the best quality and editing options imo.

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