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BioControl Disorder (BCD)
So I made a mod called BioControl Disorder and used Ares to make it. I just wanted to get the word out. In this mod you will find a new side, two(2) countries to go with the new side, and a crap-ton of new units. I don't have many graphics in the mod at this time but the next release will hold a good amount.

Do note we are recruiting voxelers, building artist, and infantry artist.
Also this mod is for Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge with the use of Ares 0.1. I have not tried it with Launch base yet though.

The team of BCD:
Hassan_2030 - Main Voxeler/Head of Voxel team (His work is not in the mod yet.)
hotrods20 - Main Coder

Special thanks from hotrods20 to:
The team behind Ares
All the people who gave me modding tips
Is that Ion Cannon meant to be in that colour? It's not what it looked like in TS, and you'll get this question way too often.
No it isn't but like I said it is a work in progress.

EDIT: I don't even have the right pallet files extracted yet besides a few side things.
You don't even have to extract the palette from TS.

SHP Builder have every palette in it's Palette subfolder and those are compatible with RA2. Those are what I use for my RA1 animations as well.
The next release will have some mo propa graphics.

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