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New sides and AI
I added four new sides in the game using Ares (r986). I have all the TaskForces, ScriptTypes, and TeamTypes set up, but how do I set up the triggers for each?

Using DCoder's AI editor, the sides list only goes up to Yuri's side...

I added the sides before Civilian and Special and after Yuri's side.
Manually... the editor doesn't support new sides.
Ok, I tried manually setting the side to '4' in the aimd.ini file for the first new side's set of triggers, but the AI doesn't seem to build them at all, even with high priorities...

What should I do now?

I had no luck with '6' as well, assuming that civilian and special comes first...
Well, either your triggers are not set up right, or there's an issue with the ordering... can we see your INI files?
Here's the Ini files.

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Do your new sides have enough base defense teams?
I've just now added base defense teams and the AI works properly now.

Thanks a lot!
You're welcome.

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