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TerrainTile name length
There is a discussion on IE problems related to terrain items. Some one said that a terrain tile should be 6 letters and the 2 numbers. Since I have been working on tiles I have had as many as 8 letters and the 2 numbers. From all my posts I have not once had someone tell me about 6 letters deal. From all I have seen and read I think I have my terrain issues under control, can someone verify the length of a terrain tile name. Thanks
The filename (excluding the extension) cannot be longer than 9 characters (including letters and numbers).

The game saves the filename in a buffer of 14 chars, including four chars for the extension like ".TEM" and one char for the required null char to mark the end of the name. The game copies the first 14 chars of the filename into that buffer, without making sure there's actually a null char at the end. If the name is longer, it won't get terminated. This could lead to the adjacent fields (responsible for allowing burrowing and ore on the tile) to be taken as part of the filename erratically. If burrowing is disallowed, the corresponding bool has a value of 0, serving as accidental null char to end the string. Filenames longer than 9 chars will always have their end cut.

Ares disallows the usage of tile filenames longer than nine chars.
So in other words like the other post stated.....6 letters plus 2 numbers, maybe a-e? total of 9 characters is what it should be (not including extension) Thanks Alex.

So then I take that my tiles that contain 8 letters 2 numbers working is just a fluke?

Is there any chance that this notation can be added to the modenc? Took me 2 years to find this out accident. Despite then fact I had posted the pieces before and no one said anything. This could help others who want to make new pieces.
To be fair I don't think anyone knew for certain what the limit was but WW themselves stuck to 8.3 for all file names and I imagined it was for a reason. I'd imagine no one wanted to say long files were a problem since no one knew that it was for certain (the the exception of the Ares devs it seems).
The main reason we know about the terrain tile length problem is because it crashed the game and someone reported it, the same happened for House name length and a hundred other string length problems... WW themselves were particularly gifted at ignoring their own limits, too.
Cranium made a comment abou 6/2....and for some reason that kept making me feel I had heard it before. All of my tile names are no longer than 8. When I first started I remember Marshall and DJBreit telling me and my nephew things about how to. I could swear I remember the 8 deal, I searched the forums I visit and can't find anything, but I am thing that it might have been C-Gen, which is no longer around, but thank you blade.

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