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Lankan Mod *(its an INI now)
This is a mini mod i made
(Use Ares P1)

i've used TibEd for modding purpose cause i'm a noob

what i've done
1) Added New Country/Side
2) Buildings : CNST,POWER,REF,WEAP & "Mini Cannon"
3) Units: Light Tank,Mining Truck,Mini Cannon Tank,Repair Tank(Clocked)
4) Inf: AA,ground
and the AA unit can occupy buildings too

What i havent done
(*this mod doesnt use any third party shps,vxls yet)
No AI for Lanka

*only if you dont know Wink
you need to open this file with tibed (after extract)
and export it into ra2yr directory

.zip (Size: 131.87 KB / Downloads: 223)

I want to know what you think about this

Tibed plus Ares... I think I'm going to get a headache.
Oh cra-...

Well I'd check it, but I don't have TibEd to convert this into a rulesmd.ini. Besides, if you're a logical mind or read ModEnc, you can easily mod without TibEd, I think. Although I never had TibEd to play with. I started modding as plain ini editing on RA2 Aftermath... now I do it on my own.
ok i'm not going to use tibed again

cause i've created an INI editor

*use the scintilla_edit under main scintilla_edit as a calc
*type "? 4+5" without quotes
Output := 9

final version of JaDoggINIEDIT
the file in first post is updated to an ini file
Not bad as a start.

And I mean this for both the INI Editor and the mod as well. Finish 'em.
i will do my best with the free time i have on weekends

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