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Lightning Storm Defense
So the Prism Forwarding video got me daydreaming a little, and being in the middle of spring finals I haven't done any research into this, but would there be a way to upgrade Prism Towers or perhaps create a new structure that, instead of generating a Tesla bolt or a laser beam, would create a small lightning burst?

I have been given explicit permission by "Borg Overmind" creator of the Red Alert 2: Apocalypse mod to study his mod:

Quote:I officially authorize you to study my mod in any way and with any tools necessary to facilitate your understanding of it and it's components.
You can also adapt it to work with LaunchBase.

I was wondering if this kind of thing would work with a defensive structure. Lemme know what you think.

EDIT: After further review, while I originally attached a portion of Overminds .ini file for perusal, I felt that while I have written permission to fiddle with his stuff, perhaps posting it was crossing a line. The gist of it was some complicated stuff involving primary weapon and warhead interaction that I'm still a bit fuzzy on. I'm unsure if that same system could be attached to a structure, or if it would just be kinda ridiculous...
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AFAIK, that lightning bolt is an Airburst weapon. Personally I've never liked it, however it should work if you attach that weapon to a building.

Here's a tutorial about weather tanks.

My only suggestion is that if you use Ares, use WeaponTypes instead of attaching WeatherStrike to a dummy unit.

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