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Terrain Types
Based on a thread over at PPM, my curiosity in terrain types was peaked and I empirically tested tiles with different values for the terrain type set in TMP Editor to see what rulesmd.ini terrain type all the values correspond to. To my disappointment none of them represented Tiberium, Weeds or Wall terrain types and a value of 16 caused an IE so I didn't test any higher. Any exe guru want to see if any value does set a tile to these terrain types or can they only be assigned to a cell by way of an overlay?
TL;DR: the latter.

The bytes in the TMP file responsible for the terrain types of the tiles are remapped to the game's internal LandTypes list. The remap table is 16 bytes long at 0x8288E4 and remaps as follows:
0 -> Clear
1 -> Ice
2 -> Ice
3 -> Ice
4 -> Ice
5 -> Tunnel
6 -> Railroad
7 -> Rock
8 -> Rock
9 -> Water
A -> Beach
B -> Road
C -> Road
D -> Clear
E -> Rough
F -> Rock
Using indices outside that range is likely to result in unpredictable behaviours as the game will happily use it as an index into this table and read other stuff in the exe as if it were real data.

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