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Opinion on terrain
Well, due to unfortunate circumstances I had to remake some of my terrain in 3d max. Since the info was lost before I could record some of the crucial data I have to some serious work. Look at the pics, I am starting with top section curve (in the 2nd version you see red circle) which curve looks better?

I'm thinking the one with the red circle , but the unfinished yellow lines might throw it off the looks to get honest opinion. Any thoughts....

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As I stated on IRC, I find v2 more naturally curvy than v1. V1 seems broken IMO.
That might be because of the UVW Mapping. I'll have to re-render the images once I've had some sleep.
I like the second one better. While I wouldn't rule out finding the first one on actual streets, the second flows better, imo.
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Second one is best. Finish it up and move onto a different tileset.

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