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Graphic SHPs mod
I can't find any tutorial or guide for this. How can I use modded graphic SHPs?
As graphic SHP I mean all the images that are used ingame like buttons, skins, "sides" toolbar looking, etc.

For example, I made this:

Is a mod of the pause screen.
How can I substitute the original (allied) with this new one?

SHP editor cannot use SHP palettes different from the main ones (units/buildings/cameos/anims) and I can't export palettes from any graphic program.. Unhappy (headshaking)
So, how do I have to work?
You're wrong. SHP Builder can use any palettes within it's folders and you can export palettes with XCC Mixer.

Extract sidec01.mix from RA2.mix. Resize your background to the three bkgd-files within it and save as 256 colored png.

Get Mixer, right click on one of your png, Copy as PAL. Copy this pal into your SHP Builder's Palette/User directory (you may rename it for better understanding). Restart SHP Builder, import your backgrounds using your palette (search for it at the ColorConversion page), save.

Replace the three backgrounds with yours, and uibkgd.pal with your palette and done.
Thank you very much! Smile
No problem. I advise you to browse the mixes to get familiar with their contents. If you know what file does what and where it is, you have already solved these things.

Not just conquer and local mix.

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