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RockPatch at ModEnc re-structured
I usually don't post news about simple page changes at ModEnc, but since these are kinda extensive and affect a lot of people here, please take note that I spent last night restructuring most of RockPatch's presence at ModEnc.

- I renamed the categories to "RockPatch" and "RockPatch Features"
- I created an actual "RockPatch" page, containing general information about the patch
- I put the Status page, Wishlist and Votelist as subpages of this general page
- I cleaned up all pages layout-wise, since everybody just added what he wanted, and nobody checked for sense.
- Due to it's tremendous length, I split up the Wishlist over 7 pages
- I added a general "RockPatch related pages" header/footer, to navigate more easily through our ModEnc-related sites.

Thanks to the software, redirects were kept on the old locations, so links to pages should not be broken. Whoever linked to the categories, however, is fucked Tongue

I, personally, am very happy with the new structure, and I have no doubt most of you will like it, too.

Thanks for your attention.

Link to RockPatch page, from there you can use the nav-block at the bottom :bleh:
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