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Attention: Bounty logic in Ares - Feedback?

You may not know but some time ago Joshy offered an almost complete Bounty code for Ares. However it wasn't controllable with tags, so I applied to finish it. Since I'm almost at completion (TBH, I added logging, and that crashes it), I'd like to hear your opinions about it in it's report at

Take note the following:
  • In Joshy's code, the controls were defined at unit level and I already created a secondary logic around it (Pillage). Until you don't give me a very-very-very valid reason, I don't want to drop them all out on the window and start all over from scratch. Especially, if I do that that definitely won't get into 0.2. This may.
  • While I do accept any suggestions, I'll follow member suggestions more likely than anonymous ones. Of course, if the anonymous has a great idea, it'll gain more support among the members as well. I don't know all modders so I'll consider all registrants equal and more valuable than anonyms. If you don't have an account yet, I advise you to get one.
  • I want to see a consensus regarding this logic. But to this consensus to be done, the conversation should be at only one place followable by anyone. I'd like to have this place in the bugtracker, especially since I'm alerted for any comment there was given. Sorry, but I'll likely ignore the ideas/comments popping in this topic if they're not on the bugtracker as well.

In a nutshell: Bounty is coming and here's your chance to affect what you'll get, to give feedback by posting it here. I can't implement ideas I don't know. If you miss this opportunity, it's your fault.

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