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Hello and thanks for dropping by! I am Whiteboy, the Webmaster here at the WR HQ. As you can see, this is the very first news post here at the new home of the Whiteboy's Rules mod for C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. With version 1.5 of the mod at approximately 97% completion, things are heating up. This site is still under heavy development, and things should start happening sooner rather than later. Being rather inexperienced at the whole Webmaster thing, this could take time. But rest assured, everything is in good hands Wink

I'll post snippets of news over the next few weeks, in which I'll be settling in more here at Renegade's Strategy-X Network. Keep watching.

A big thanks goes out to DCoder for all the patient assistance I got from him while getting this new site to work :cool:

welcome :hands:

A bit late I know, but thanks man, I feel welcomed Tongue

I'll visit ya here too! Tongue 2
Haha, can't get away from you can I Tongue

Just keep in mind - this is actually a news forum and the posts are appearing as comments to the News on the site. The actual, proper forum is here:


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