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question pertaining to modenc vs Deezire
Quote from modenc

Quote:The infamous -G suffix has no meaning whatsoever.

But in Deezire's AI Tut it says

Quote:NOTE: the use of '-G' as a suffix to the numbers throughout this file indicates that this is a 'global' value, meaning it will be used throughout the game regardless of any other conditions placed upon its use.

Does the '-G' have to be used or not?
Not. I already responded in that PPM topic you talked about this... ask YR Modder to send you the Attacque Supérior aimd.ini (I can't have it right now). IIRC beta 2 already had my basic AI scripts which doesn't use -G, or any hexadecimal crap.

ModEnc is the valid, especially if my local experience says the same.
well, i didn't see there was a new post on that topic, but I figured with the wisdom of DCoder he would shed some light on the matter. I know there have been statements that say DeeZire's notes aren't 100% correct, just wanted to double check. I check the modenc b4 i ask anymore.

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