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[split] Time is Running Out
I failed in trying to supress the desire to spam this important thread with this song.
I'm sorry.
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
Clicked it expecting Frank Klepacki. Was disappointed.

(Also, hi Gordon! Why do you show up so rarely these days? How's Voyage 34?)
Actually I show up quite often and I'm watching all the threads but I find no time to contribute - despite the fact that you doing well, you're creating a bigger and more promising 'patch' than Rockpatch and Npatch ever could be. University studies take a lot of time.
I spent most of my spare time for the "VDVC", a german association of gamers who fight against censorship of games in Germany (yes, that exists in our 'free' country).
I'm still listening to Voyage 34, it never gets old Smile It's the best album of the world.
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]

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