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Modern Warfare: Real life mod inspiration
I collect links to articles that can be used as inspirations for games and mods. I'd like to showcase the ones that could be used for Yuri's Revenge.
In the past, war technology loses it's importance. Nevertheless there have been some interesting developments:
  • BAE systems, a defense company, have developed a tank which can disguise itself on infrarerd cameras. Pictures of that thing can be found here.
  • "Sea Shadow" was the first war vessel that could hide itself from enemy radar. It's design did significantly reduce backwash. Pictures here.
  • In the Bin Laden raid, the US used an unknown helicopter with a futuristic design that crashed during the operation. Avation geeks assembled digital mock ups ot his helicopter. More on this topic here as well as some of the models as well as some technical background.
  • A thing that I miss in many games are ballistic submarines. There used by USA, France and since the 60s and are a serious thread: They can launch a nuke anywhere on the world completly cloaked from the radar. If anyone visits France he can check out the "Redoutable", a former french ballistic submarine that is now used as museum ship. More media on this can be found here.
[Image: osen2o7mpmm4jg1fs0.jpg]
That heli is rather cool. If my weekend wasn't already full, I'd probably be breaking out VXLSE3 for it.

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