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Menu/Frame problem
So far with the game engine that Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge, Tiberian Sun, and even modifications like Dawn of the Tiberian Age; there is a problem with menus. The problem is that menus do not refresh in any way; starting the game leads to a black screen, and you can't see the menus until you minimize and maximize again. In which case you need to do this every time you change a setting, or move into a new menu page.

There are many theories to this problem, and many "solutions" online; but none of them have worked for me or for everyone.

The big theory is that this problem is linked to laptops running Windows 7 Home Premium with an Intel HD Graphics Chip, but this isn't for certain.

My main question is if this issue has been looked into at all.
I have heard about this problem in several forums, some of them also indicating processors with HyperThreading support, but there is no definitive cause and no general solution.

It could also be a graphics driver issue, distorting buttons and even whole menus. The menus seem to be quite error prone.
In all of this issues, only one thing is the same... Intel HD Graphics. Especially the 3000 series. I doubt it's 7's fault, tho I never heard of anyone with an XP trying to reproduce this issue with HD Graphics..

What I heard of that that chip has it's own way of DirectX controls, and maybe the refreshing function of RA2's is unsupported on that. Combining with the fact that 7 is by default imcompatible with DX9 (as an XP user, I dunno this one), it's really an issue.

If there would be anyone with an XP and HD Graphics combo confirming this issue or not, it'd be a great help for aiding to figure this one out.
Perhaps add that little tidbit of info to the manual?
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Actually, an FAQ-entry would be more suitable.
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