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Hello and welcome to my new home! As you obviously noticed, I created a new layout to celebrate this occasion Big Grin You can express your opinion about it in the poll on my front page Wink (And observe the reload-free voting technique, I love it.)

Well, there have been a few changes here, I should mention them:
  • The news are now streamed via the network's News System directly from the forums. Damn convenient, even if I say so myself.
  • The DevLog - this is where I'll post updates about my projects, which are not necessarily front-page material, but still can excite you.
  • The Tutorials section - GONE. I moved most of them to ModEnc already, and am in the process of moving the rest at the moment.
Well, that's all I can think of for the moment. Smile
Sounds good DC. I personally am using the WBR skin, a little more to my liking(lighter skin) but the other one is excellent.
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You using scriptaculous or moo.fx?
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My site footer Wrote:CSS and JavaScript support strongly recommended for full functionality. 1024x768 or better also recommended.
Powered by my own PHP, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript coding.
(moofx JavaScript library also utilized.)
Ah, I need to read more closely Tongue
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