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New Construction Options: Ares 0.2 RC 1 is now live
Good evening, everyone.
Slowly, Ares has been lumbering forward. While the number of active testers is nowhere near what we'd like, and we're still missing an official documentation maintainer, progress has been made.

We've now reached the stage whereby we can officially release something with "0.2" in the name. Please note: This is not the final version of 0.2, and simply calling it "Ares 0.2" is incorrect.

What we're releasing is the first Release Candidate of Ares 0.2. For any of you unfamiliar with the software development process, a release candidate is pretty much what the name implies - a version which is deemed complete enough that it could be called a "candidate" for the final release, but it may still contain unreported bugs that a final version naturally shouldn't have.

If up until now you've only been working with 0.1P1 (the last officially stable release), then you'll (hopefully) be pleased to know that this version contains hundreds of new additions, improvements and bugfixes over version 0.1P1. I could list them all, but we have a manual for that.

And of course, you'll be needing a download link:
Download 0.2RC1

If no bugs are reported, then this may well become the final version of Ares 0.2 in the future. However, nobody likes a buggy product. If you encounter any bugs while using this, please report them as normal using the tracker on LaunchPad.

Additionally, although it's a publicly-announced release, and although it's got "0.2" in the name, this is still officially an unstable version. As such, all previous warnings relating to unstable versions still apply.

Thank you for your continued patience throughout Ares' development. We're getting there.

Project Manager.
Ares Project Manager.
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Open Ares positions: Documentation Maintainer, Active Testers.
PM if interested.

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