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Correcting a mistake...
Recently I have been talking about releasing the next Beta - Beta 4. Well I just realised that Beta 4 was the one already distributed, and in fact 5 is the one that is being readied. Sad thing is, nobody noticed :glare:

I noticed... I just didnt want to make u feel as stupid as you look Tongue JK man

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
Oh, why did I make this topic...

lol sorry didnt mean to ya mad, :down: just there was an opening and I had to take it. :biggrin:

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
I noticed, but never bothered to post. I was going to do a screenshot with a circle around 'BETA 4'.

Everybody makes mistakes.
Yes, but I have to point out that in RL and online, I am usually the butt-end of jokes Unhappy

people just love mocking and taking advantage of me. Which is fine when it comes to sexy ladies.

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