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Ideas wanted
Ok, So explain what the major differences of the Survival modes were? Kthx.

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
To be honest I forgot all the details. I do get rather absent-minded sometimes. The old Survival still had bases, that's for sure. The new Survival is quite a unique mode - it's finely balanced (or so I hope), and has no bases and limited units. You'll enjoy it I think. I just need to ensure that the AI actually works in it...

You do that.. than lol.

[Image: ansatsig8mk.jpg]
if you think survival mode where you start with no base, is a new idea, then you obviously havn't tried the survivor map pack... its a map pack made by the cncguild for survivor mode, a mode where you play without bases.

the revolution series of mods (R:ROTC and R:BOTH) both use this cncguild survivor mode, and a revolution spacific mode called commander mode, where instead of a base, you start with a FO Massive command tank its got the strength of about 3 to 5 apocs. however, when the weapon power and armour is multiplied by 3, its actually more powerfull than 3 tanks, thats where the 5 comes in, its about an even match against 5 apocs, unless it runs them over, because its a tank crusher Tongue

R comes with 3 maps at the moment, all made by me, the first is called "A tight squese" where upto 8 players all start in the middle of a map, thats not much bigger than the size of your screen. in the desert(which is also a standard map) which is a desert map, for 4 players, basicly split in 4 with diagonal cliffs, and the only way to get to anothers base is to pass a 3x3 section in the middle of the map, with a lot of trees around it(its my best map so far) and "up and down" which is a temperate 8 player map with lots of cliffs, i couldn't be bothered to complete it, so i never added any ore and made it survivor only. but its rather large, and plays a nice commander mode game.

That's a really nice story Bobing. But I hardly think a mode with no bases is a new idea. For starters, back in Red Alert 1 you could siable MCVs in Skirmish mode. I haven't played your mods or even heard of those map packs... in fact, I very rarely play any maps or mods at all, apart from my own, obviously. So rest easy, I haven't stolen anyone's ideas here Tongue

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